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Strength In Numbers

Updated: May 3, 2022

The reality of addressing hunger relief is not an easy fix. A one size fits all approach to the issue cannot not meet the variety of needs facing our community.

For instance, a family may be wrestling with the difficult choice of paying rent or purchasing food. Children who receive breakfast and lunch at school may not be getting adequate nutrition during the weekends. Homeless individuals and families are even more vulnerable without access to adequate feeding programs.

So how do we address these varied needs here in Monongalia County? By creating a network of hunger relief organizations located throughout the region. Individually, no single agency can provide comprehensive support to our neighbors in need. With a network of varied feeding programs, we can establish a referral system of different services that are available.

Empty Bowls has established this type of network. We provide funding and resources to a coalition of 24 different feeding programs, food pantries, and backpack programs throughout the region.

Our website provides a comprehensive list of every hunger relief agency in Monongalia County. The listing provides the type of services available at each site, contact information, operation hours, locations (including driving directions,) and what type of requirements are needed to receive services.

By working together, we create a much stronger safety net for our neighbors threatened by hunger.

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