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Contribute Food!

Our annual Soup and Bread Luncheon held the first Saturday in February would be impossible without donation of the soup from area restaurants and caterers.

Interested in donating soup?

Empty Bowls greatly appreciates all food donations. Soup donations can only be accepted from establishments who adhere to local Health Regulations.

As a result of the volume of people served at the Luncheon, we request a minimum soup donation of 4-5 gallons. The containers in which the soup is provided cannot be returned; therefore, Empty Bowls will provide containers if needed.


Generous Amounts of:

  • Bread and Rolls to accompany the delicious soups!

  • Cookies - In the past, homemade cookies have been provided by local churches. We request each donor provide 5-6 dozen cookies of their choosing. Individuals may also provide cookies.


Please contact John Oughten and Jeni Forrester, Food Procurement Coordinators here if you have an interest in donating or have any questions.

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