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Gifts in Kind: 2023-2024

Special thanks...

  • Your Community Foundation– Patty Showers Ryan, President– for serving as an endowing foundation.

  • Atkins Rentals – Carol Atkins – for providing office facilities and security system

  • Mylan Park – for coordinating reservations and logistics for The Hazel and JW Ruby Community Center at Mylan Park

  • Main Street Morgantown – Barbara Watkins, Executive Director – for support of Empty Bowls events

  • Country Roads Quilt Shop and their quilters for donating beautiful quilts

  • The Wow! Factory –Dina Muttillo, Jo Watson, and Monica Edwards

  • Mountaineer Mall–Bekah Gillespie– for donation of space for our Bowl Sale 

  • OLLI - Osher Lifelong Learning Institute –Jascenna Haislett– for sharing their wi-fi during the Bowl Sale

  • BOPARC - for hosting several classes for creation of bowls for the luncheon and donation of bowls. 

  • WVU College of Creative Arts, School of Art & Design–Shoji Satake, Boomer Moore, Kristina Olson, and Keith Jackson for organizing the Bowl-A-Thon 

  • The Stick Company - for donation of promotional materials including banners and signs


Fall Fun Raiser Auction Donations & Services

Soup & Bread Luncheon Auction/Raffle Donations


  • Stewart Design – Blake Stewart –design services

  • Dobilas Advisors–Barbara Dobilas–website design

Special thanks to the pottery artists who made bowls at the Bowl-A-Thon

  • Esperanza Arbaca

  • Ray Brown

  • Kat Davedan

  • Kathleen Greundler

  • Stacy Larson

  • Heather Lepp

  • Shuhan Liu

  • Bran Morgenlander

  • Emma Posey

  • Kristyn Rorher

  • Taylor Ullman

  • Crystal Xiong

Our thanks to the following for advertising and promoting Empty Bowls

Our thanks to the following restaurants, organizations, and individuals who sponsored Special Event fundraisers

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