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Gifts in Kind: 2021-2022

The following is a list of companies and individuals who have contributed facilities, materials, supplies, equipment, services, time, and more to help make the Empty Bowls Luncheon and our continuing mission a reality.    Without the help of countless people in our community, our events would be impossible. As such, even if your name isn’t listed, know you have our utmost THANKS for all you do to support our endeavors!

Special thanks...

  • Your Community Foundation– Patty Showers Ryan, President– for serving as an endowing foundation.

  • Atkins Rentals – Carol Atkins – for providing office facilities and security system

  • Mylan Park – for coordinating reservations and logistics for The Hazel and JW Ruby Community Center at Mylan Park

  • Main Street Morgantown – Barbara Watkins, Executive Director – for support of Empty Bowls events

  • Country Roads Quilt Shop and their quilters for donating beautiful quilts

  • The Wow! Factory –Dina Muttillo, Jo Watson, and Monica Edwards

  • Mountaineer Mall–Bekah Gillespie– for donation of space for our Bowl Sale 

  • OLLI-Osher Lifelong Learning Institute –Jascenna Haislett– for sharing their wi-fi during the Bowl Sale

  • Lockhouse Studio​–Lisa Giuliani for assistance with bowl acquisition

  • WVU Craft Center–Dave Buchanan

  • WVU College of Creative Arts, School of Art & Design–Shoji Satake, Boomer Moore, Kristina Olson, and Keith Jackson for organizing the Bowl-A-Thon 


  • River Fair Trade

  • Mary Archer Koike

  • Eugene & Sam Cilento

  • Cindy Coffindaffer Colasante

  • The Cutting Edge

  • John DeAngelis

  • Richard Dumas

  • G. Corey Farris

  • Jeff & Kathy Fedan

  • Kate Fickey

  • Jeni Forester

  • Marty French

  • David & Noel Goldberg

  • George & Mavis Grant-Lilley

  • Bill Hagerty

  • Jerrey Hoyt

  • Nel Kimble

  • Merrywood Lane

  • The Mountaineer Fan Store

  • Gayle Neldon

  • John Oughton

  • Vanessa Price

  • Zachary Prichard

  • The Tea Shoppe at Seneca Center

  • Bernie & Cookie Schultz

  • Matthew Stainthorpe

  • Ingrid Strakusak

  • Grace Wigal

  • Cheryl Prichard and Sheila Rye– for soliciting auction donations and organizing the Online Auction

  • Stewart Design – Blake Stewart –design services

  • Dobilas Advisors–Barbara Dobilas–website design

Special thanks to the pottery artists who made bowls at the Bowl-A-Thon

  • Esperanza Arbaca

  • Ray Brown

  • Kat Davedan

  • Kathleen Greundler

  • Stacy Larson

  • Heather Lepp

  • Shuhan Liu

  • Bran Morgenlander

  • Emma Posey

  • Kristyn Rorher

  • Taylor Ullman

  • Crystal Xiong

Our thanks to the following for advertising and promoting Empty Bowls

Our thanks to the following restaurants, organizations, and individuals who sponsored Special Event fundraisers

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